Friday, July 23, 2010

felllll in looveee ...

I said before I wanna re-do our bedroom, well there is not much to re-do but I want an actual bed set.
I got an Ikea book in the mail && guess whats on sale....An adorable bedroom set. It's not a plat form bed like I super want but it is perfect!
We just got a new comforter but it's HUGE and SOOOO hot, I really want something thin and simple. So I'll put mine in my guest room and this little piece will now be mine! :)

mmmm :) I love it.
Along with some new paint on the walls and fun accent colors.
I thinking maybe coral or a light sea blue!
Any ideas?


  1. I don't know you but I know Chelsey Searle...and stumbled on your blog through hers. I've had that bed for a few years...and love it, although it's a bit cheap (everything from ikea is though, that's why they have the great prices)! The awesome thing about it is that you can choose how high or low it should get it! By the way, when I say cheap, I don't mean it's going to break or's just not the same quality as something you'd get from RC Willey or something. :)

  2. hey...whered you get that bedding, im looking for something like they have any other colors?