Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Today is Happy
Happy cause...

.The week is half over.
.Ben's hockey game tonight! Hopefully he wins :) it's the championship.
.Found some fantastic music from my favorite, One Republic, and it's amazing.
.Sunshine, it'll always make my day better. 
.I have mastered the side bangs French braid, I have been trying forever, literally. 
.My delicious smelling house thanks to some new wallflowers and yummy scentsy's. 
.A weekend full of plans, movies, swimmin', campin' and lots more.
.Craft night with my lovely Sarah tomorrow, I miss her.
.Speaking of crafts, I have found tons of great ideas, if you have any others please share! I'll post my projects when they are finished.
.I am married to the greatest boy there ever was/is, I love him.

Happy Wednesday :)

He is the funniest boy I know :) I am always laughing

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  1. YAY ME!! I LOVE you Court! I LOVE playing with you! I'm so glad we're friendss Haha don't you just LOVE how cheesey am I?!