Thursday, July 15, 2010

please come fastttttt

I just finished planning my....
Birthday trip!!
We will be leaving the 23 of September to Cali.
We wanna spend the first 3-4 days in Anaheim,
Disneyland, 6 flags, finally seeing/meeting the Shaw family
&& LOTS of time on the beach!
We then will head north to Santa Maria,
to see our lovely Cami & Nick Salvesen :)!
Then we will take the long way home,
through San. Fran and up the the Redwood Forrest!

This will be great! Now September, Please come quick!
&& pray that we wont' get sick until then, we gotta save our PTO.


  1. sounds like such a fun trip! We are going on one in October and I think I just might die in the mean time.

  2. where are you going to? I love trips..they are the greatest!