Thursday, August 19, 2010

Migraine for 4 days straight = A not so happy Courtney
Pain med's and antibiotics = A very sick Courtney *explainsthemigraine*
Ben taking care of her 24/7 = A very grateful Courtney

I will be SO happy when all this pressure (mytooth) is out! 
Hopefully that will take away all my sickness! 
To make me happy I have started my Birthday List
only a short 1 month and 6 days :D

-This Camera, I have been dying for a Polaroid and I cannot find mine ANYWHERE. Plus this one is super cute& small! Great for fun trips!
-This Necklace, I love the simplicity, I have been searching for some simple necklaces.
- These Shoes, Ben has some and I have been eying them for quite some time now, I love the white & the gray!
-This great Handbag, in blue, I am a huge fan on the small purses & I adore this one!
&& a fun little shopping spree, in an amazing place, that Ben just surprised me with! 

I love birthdays! :)
It sure has made this day better!
 Now lets hope I can make it through tomorrow 
and come home okay and finally feel better!


  1. I love my Sanuks... is that how you spell it? anywho LOVE THEM. Cuuute stuff.

  2. Ya that is! I love them so much and I am dying to get some! hopefully Ben will follow this list ha!