Monday, August 16, 2010

*sorry if this doesn't make sense, I am currently on pain killers for ANOTHER tooth ache, get a root canal on friday...yay me! But at least it doesn't hurt no more!

Our weekend was perfectly perfect!!! We ended up being front row at the concert and it was AMAZING! Aside from the 8 hours standing in the hot sun! I love Jack! I slept like a baby that night after not getting any sleep throughout the week! We spent our Saturday cleaning, grocery shopping, swimming & dinner with whit&greg&mama&papa shaw! Sunday was busy busy busy with VT, Home teaching, church and family time! 
Henry Schein Back-to-School :)
on our way to Jack
hot and sweaty..waiting forever
mmmm :)

Now for a week work :) luckily I feel great have great plans! 

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