Thursday, September 9, 2010


Fact: Work has been slow, very very slow.
Fact: I have already watched all of the PPL show.
Fact: Ben has been playing his new game all week long.
Fact: My house is now SPOTLESS, because of the previous statement. 

It's crazy how a short week can feel SOOOO long. 
But this whole getting off work at 3:30, is fantastic, I have so much time after work.
Yesterday I was able to deep clean my bathrooms & kitchen,
make & clean up Breakfast for dinner,
play a couple games of tennis(I actually won 2 :))
& still have time to shower and watch my show!
Too bad I couldn't have this schedule during the summer.
Speaking of Summer, it's over...sad.
But this just means I can bring out my boots, comfy jackets and my many cardigans :)
My birthday is in a short 16 days...i'm so excited,
but I may be more excited for my vacation. 
5 whole days in one of my favorite places,
lots of shopping, yummy food & maybe an NHL game...(Ben hopes)
Now two weeks..go by fast! 

ps..This is Madelynn, she's my favorite little Kent. 


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