Monday, October 25, 2010


& SOOOO grateful that it is a new week
last week, well it wasn't my favorite.
Work was BEYOND busy, people were grumpy,
I got shipped the WRONG lens for my reception shoot on Friday.
I ordered a wide angle zoom & they sent me a Sports Lens.....
& to make it better our car broke down &
they no longer sell my film in stores for my Polaroid.
Ben and Janna were there to keep me company and make me happy!
Having Janna gone is hard, I'll admit it.
BUT she is home for good in just over a month and a half :)!

(Me, Janna, Emily, Chambrey & Randi)
While Ben played in the rain and went to the BYU game with my daddy,
Janner, my mama and I did a little shopping & eating.
It was a great girls day, followed by a night in SLC with my Benny!
Now that I have finally accepted that Sunday's are Football days...
I have been trying to keep myself busy during that.
Yesterday I spent my Football time making some "Hootie Owl" Cupcakes

My Sister&Brother-in-law are the greatest. They can get dirt cheap camping gear.
So they surprised us with these two sleeping bags.
Yes, mine is ADORABLE i LOVE it!
and how much did it cost them....10$, total!
They are the best, thanks again Whit&Greg!
I promise your pictures will be as great as these sleeping bags!

Ben & his cute mustache mug :)

Happy Monday


  1. Yes, Saturday, Sunday, and sometimes Monday are all football days here. Luckily we have a tv in our second bedroom and I make things in there during football time. I would bake, but that would lead to unnecessary weight gain. That's awesome that they can get you super cheap sleeping bags! $10 for both, that is ridiculous!

  2. Sorry about your lense. thats a huuuuuge bummer! where did you order it from? Highland Gardens is like a block from my parents house. LOOVE it there. so pretty. Love Ben's mug, I try to make mitch buy it every time we are at Urban.