Friday, October 22, 2010

one of those days...

1.   I am soooo excited for the new T Swift, I have her songs on repeat all day at work, it helps get me through the day! & for my surprise next weekend..not sure what it is but Ben says it will be great!

2.  I wish  that I could travel the world for a penny. See all there is to see, swim at all the amazing beaches, eat at all the yummy  restaurants and do that all with my amazing husband.  

3.  I like  ice cream, photography, crafting, my family, decorating my house, my Tug-a-lug, cheesecake, Urban, bike rides, boots, Nordstrom,  traveling,  hockey, mashed potatoes, swimming  & well...Ben of course!

4.  I can touch my nose....with my tongue :) I have an abnormally long family used to always make fun of me for it.

5.  I hope  that one day I will have a beautiful family, A little Ross &  Peyton Benjamin & a cute little Mila Jayne or Navy/Navi. 

6.  I think  that I have the greatest husband in the whole entire world, he always takes care of me while i'm sick , makes me laugh when I am sad, always holds my hand and never ever lets me down. 

7.  I was terrified being alone when we first got married, and okay well now too. Every morning I had a routine of check every single closet, just to make sure no one was in the house. Ha ha, I have a huge fear of being kidnapped. 

and Happy Wedding day to my lovely friend Alexa :)
I'm sad I cannot be there to see her get sealed to her best friend...stupid work. 
Congrats Mr. & Mrs. Pearson


  1. Hmmm, where did you get Navy from??? Me! Its okay, Greg will never let me use it, but always remember who suggested it :)

  2. oh you will have the CUTEST babies with the CUTEST names!