Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My lovely husband got me sick, so I have been home...dying.
Luckily his only lasted like 2 days. lets pray the same for me!
I am the type that cannot handle sitting at home all day.
So to keep me company I have clean, de-junked and organized my whole house.
Whenever we sort through our closet, it just ends up in our spare room...
So I decided to tackle on our insane amount of clothes...
 These are JUST Ben's pants he never wears...14 pairs... and they say girl's love to shop!
After an hour of choosing what we want to keep, this is all for DI & Plato's, sadly my pile is that one stack in the back, ha ha.
& and I proud to say that my junk drawer has FINALLY been cleaned out. 
after 1 year of junk piling up..it's now a LESS junky, junk drawer :)

& while I was dusting I came across our "house watcher"
now you see,
most people would have a picture of Jesus and say, he watches over the house..
us.... welll....we have...

Brett Favre....
My husband is a little....different :)
Now I must go take some more antibiotics and sleepppp :)
                                                                    Happy Tuesday!

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  1. FAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEE. I still DIE every time I think or See this dang thing. SO funny!! You guys have LOTS of clothes. You should share them with me next time. Just sayin... :)