Friday, December 3, 2010

i just...knew

We were the first of my "friends" to get engaged/married. I heard so many negative things &
so many judgmental comments. It tore me down, I felt like no one understood and that no one was happy for me. I got calls at 2 AM saying don't get married, he's not what you think...blah blah blah. 
As it got closer to our wedding people finally started understanding, I was so grateful for that. 
All my friends would ask me, how did you know you wanted to marry him. 
I remember two moments, to where I knew he was mine.

1. We had been best friends for over a year, texted every day, I even talked to him more than a boyfriend I had at the time. I finally got the courage up to hang out for reals one night. Me and my lovely Syd, (who set us up in the first place) called Ben. We wanted him to pick us up, I remember him pulling up, in his sexy car and my tummy filled with butterflies instantly. We spent hours just talking, laughing at his laugh (if you haven't heard it, you should it is amazing). When he left, Syd came up to me and said, You already love him huh? and yes... I knew I did.

2. I had never said I love you to any boy, quite frankly that phrase terrified me. Ben and I were talking one night and it slipped out, this happened often, he "took it back" and we went on with our night. That next day he wanted to meet for lunch, well I wasn't ready at all, in fact, no make, hair wet, that sorta thing, but I went. I remember the whole time he kept saying sorry I didn't mean to say that last night, but I meant it. It was the sweetest thing ever, I knew he was going to be by my side forever.


  1. ahh so cute. Isn't it just weird how you just know?.. I was judged up and down for getting married young, and for a non-RM. Im so grateful I didnt listen, never been happier :)

  2. You are adorable. I had fun going to dinner with you tonight!! Lets do that more :)

  3. Court i always supported you! :) you know that right!? remember when i went with you to hang out with him and you guys tried to hook me up with mike moreno? haha and i understand what you mean, people who didnt know i had been writing travis for 18 months before he got home thought i was rushing into marriage way before i was ready... psh what do other people know. :) as Cascada once said, "listen to your heart" :D haha good times! i love you girl! lets do something soon k? ps, you and ben are perfect for each other in every way!! dont let anyone tell you different!!!

  4. Thanks guys!! and Rana, you were one of the few that did support us :)! thank you! and I didn't judge you one bit! only cause you told me like a week before :) haha! you guys are perfect for each other, I hope everything is going good and we really do need to play!!

  5. sooo sweettt!! I seriously LOVE you two!! I love these stories! You should post moreee :)