Saturday, December 11, 2010

Meet Jack

I have never been able to have a dog my whole life, my dad wasn't a very big pet lover.
We were able to con him into cats, but never a dog.

So when we first got married we bought a yorkie, he was adorable. Sadly we couldn't keep him because of where we were moving/living in. It was the hardest thing to give him away, he was my first little pup.
For the following 2 years I tried to pretend that Tug (our black lab that lives with the Campbell parentals) was a puppy. But due to him being huge and a little too spastic, it never worked.

We finally decided to see if our landlord had changed his mind, and amazingly HE DID!
I came across little Jack online, he was perfect and an amazing price!

He is adorable
So little, so happy, a bit spastic but LOVES to cuddle. I love my little Jack :) greatest Christmas present!


  1. He is a cutie! I'm excited to see if he'll look more like a yorkie or a poodle when he's grown. I love his color! Maybe, you and Ben can sneak him into work so I can see him. :D

  2. SO CUTE!! I Love jack! And I'M SO glad I get to be his aunty sarah! You guys need to have babies because the last picture is just too cute! One step closerrrr!!! Haha! :)

  3. ps-- your hair is getting so long and its so cute! I love it blonde! You look beeauuuttiiffuul friend!