Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Courtney..

Please put your self in my shoes for a minute... I know my sock are awesome and my boots are the comfiest things ever.
but anyways. I was just relaxing on my comfy couch, watchin' some tv and I heard my adorable hubby talking to himself in the bedroom. Most of the time I turn down the TV and listen, because he is rather hilarious to listen to. Well it started out with, " Dear Courtney, how do you not know what to wear when you have more clothes than a department store.... Dear Courtney,......" I ran to the room to listen some more, after about 20 minutes of straight laughter I hugged Ben & helped him put away my "department store worth of clothes."

Oh, don't worry, there is more!

I am sitting at work today and I see Ben has posted a little love note on my facebook... it read "Dear Courtney, You have become so obsessed with Owls that instead of snoring at night, you now Hoot."

& Now starts the beginning of "Dear Courtney", everyday :)
Yes,yes my husband is the greatest :)