Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dear 2010,

You have been an amazing year for us :)
Thank you for all the great times.
This year in the little Campbell family we have...

Sold our car
I got a new job
Ben moved up in our company, 3 times
Went to Hawaii
Went to Vegas
Went to California
& Went to Chicago, twice. 
Celebrated out first year of marriage
Bought FAR too many movies
Made a million ice cream trips
Painted our condo
Only locked ourselves out about 10 times
I started a photography business.
Got a new nephew on the Shaw side
Had Ben's "man card" taken away countless times.
Lost a wallet
Became pro nursery leaders
Bought a puppy
Sold that puppy :(
Fell in love even more
Laughed a WHOLE lot
& still love being married!

We are very excited for a new year and new opportunities. 
We have already planned a Hawaii & Canada trip, to buy another car and to start school :)!

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