Friday, February 11, 2011

Fridays Finds

Happy friday! Everyone ready for love day? I sure am! I will be spending my weekend with my love,whats better than that? nothing. Well I have come across some great things this week, making it SUPER hard to save my moneys. Here are my findings....

.I dunno if it's the name, or what, but I love "Emma's". ( Watson, Roberts, Stone )
.Have you ever checked out this site, well it's great, especially this lovely number.
.Just watched this movie, LOVED it.
.The new South Pacific line for Shabby Apple, how adorable is this dress?
.Lets be real here, if I could, I would buy this whole store. But since I cannot, hows about this tee.
.I am a huge fan on funky pillows, how cute is this one?
.I have come to hate this store, it is SO cheaply made that everything is ruined after one wash, but I do love this tunic.
.Listen to him, you will fall in love, my fav is Sky's Still Blue.

Happy weekend :)!!
got any plans for love day? I sure do!

ps. as you can tell most my findings are fashion, sorry peeps, I love me some new fashion.


  1. Ahh! I love all of those Emma's! It must be the name...

  2. haven't seen "life a we know it" yet - can't wait for it to come out on redbox! i love all those emma's - plus, that's just such a pretty name. and if i could, i would buy up urban outfitters, too