Monday, February 21, 2011



You know those days/weeks where you just feel excited, happy, grateful. That is how my weekend has felt. Good things are coming our way. Don't get me wrong, bad things are still yet to come, but we have a positive attitude about it.
For instance; My best friend leaves in less than 2 months, you all may think thats a long time Court. Well guess what, it is not! She has been by my side since 7th grade, I am heartbroken to see her leave. Yet I know all the blessings that will come our way.
  Another example,we have to PAY taxes, yes that is right, PAY. I guess that's what we get for no kids, no school last year, no buying a house. Luckily we have a savings account that will take care of that. Course that was for our Hawaii trip, BUT now we get to go WHEREVER we want with our friends, The Kent's. That means, buddy passes, YAY! 
We feel very grateful for the jobs we have, the life we live and the family & friends we surround our selves with.
Sorry for just a babble post, I just feel great for a Monday :)!

Happy Monday


  1. Buddy Passes are the way to GO! I hate tax season.

  2. That's how we travel every time we fly, they give us buddy passes. We were going to be grown ups and pay for our own flights...but oh well! haha

  3. Cuuuute blog!! I love your header.