Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday's Finds

I honestly have never been more excited for a Friday. This week has been pretty crazy at work, so I am so glad we get a little break. There is nothing planned for our weekend other than sleeping in, relaxing and just having fun. 

.This nursery is somewhere I could spend all my time with my baby's. It is perfect for both genders and fits my style to a T. come on guys, NO I am not having a baby.
.I am a little disappointed, I was expecting this is to be, well, life changing. ha ha. But I still love you Brit.  
.Please-oh-please go see this, I promise you will LOVE it. We sure did. 
.These beauties, perfect for spring time.
.I have a bad addiction to jewelry and I don't care what husband says, this is needed.
.A closet that looks like this, it needs some colors on the wall and a new rug, but its amazing.
.Any color, would make me happy. If I could just have these babies

Happy friday :)

1 comment:

  1. Im dying to see "Just go with it" looks soo funny. annnnd those shoes are freakin adorable.