Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Finds

excuse the girly squeal, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, weekend!!!! 
I don't even have anything planned but relaxing, a hair appointment, lots of movies and naps, so I can feel better! So if you feel sick, sleepy or just wanna do nothing, you can come join. I'll have lots of  homemade smoothies, husband makes the greatest homemade smoothies...ever. 
Anywho, here are my findings, enjoy!

.This feather shirt, put with some dark skinnys and boots..perfection. also comes in cream.
.Just made this recipe..oh my delicious, watch out, it is addicting.
.Summer is definatly on my mind.
.I just stumbled upon this site, I wanna buy it all. I absolutely love this, this, and this.
.Her new CD, especially Smile, Wish You Were Here & Darlin.
.Perfect spring dress, simple, bright & perfect.
.Simple but oh-so-adorable.
.Yes, I already have one, but I am dying for this one.
.One day I will travel here.


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