Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today I...

Photobucket sick...5th cold this year, yes I am awesome.
...woke up late, at 6:44, and somehow made it to work before 7.
...finally decided where to take our summer trip, will June PLEASE come now. We haven't gone anywhere this year and its already March, this isn't like us! LOVING this weather, it is perfect outside, I'm thinking a long walk with Tug after work! grateful for a husband who writes me cute love notes while I am snoozing & always knows what I need when I am sick.

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  1. So sorry your sick. Sounds no fun. Where you guys heading in June? We are thinking of sneaking away June-July ish also. Feel better :)

  2. Most likely Hawaii, but possibly St. Thomas. You guys should. I am now DYING to go to Florida. That may be our next vacation ha ha.

  3. I just found these and thought of this post lol