Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Have you read this blog? It’s my read everyday kinda blog, I love it and I love it even more after this post. This is SERIOUSLY something I needed to read today.

I came to work today feeling so blah, not only did I fall asleep with wet hair, I still didn’t even do my hair this morning. My outfit is just thrown together and I am pretty sure I forgot make up, not a good combination of things on my part. I am the type when I don’t feel cute, it kinda ruins my whole day as pathetic as that sounds.  Like Alycia, I tend to only spend quality time getting ready when I have plans. I’ll save all my cute, well put together, outfits for those days and the rest will just be whatever I find in my closet at 530 AM. Guys, 530 AM never has good intensions for an outfit, never ever. And as for the hair, it’s usually down, I can’t stand having my hair up, and not curled or straightened.

I am sure people don’t care how I look, if my hair isn’t done, but I do. I like to feel good about myself, rather than hiding myself because I wanted more sleep rather than to get ready.

As women, we have always been told to take care of ourselves each day. I have always known the importance of a good appearance, even when life is busy. So I really have no excuse to not taking the extra 15 minutes each morning to better my appearance/day.

I want to change this, I am sure it will take effort and some days I won’t follow through but it’s progress; Progress towards looking and feeling my best every day.

 I love everything Alycia had to say and I love that she is documenting her challenge to dress up more. If I get the courage I may join her on those outfit posts, maybe.
Do you agree?

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  1. I think all girls are like that... Today is one of those lazy days for me as well.. I woke up with full intent to go work out... so I am in half my work out clothes and jeans. Hair pulled up. And I feel terrible. I am on the bandwagon to improve.