Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Sooooo I am in a pickle here peeps, I decided to try out Warby Parker for my new glasses. They have this awesome try 5 at home free thing, where they send you 5 frames, FOR FREE, to try at home. Well they did not disappoint cause I cannot choose which pair to get. So far I have narrowed it down to Willoughby, Fitz and Zagg…now PLEASE help me choose!

2. Fitz
4. Zagg

I also got these ones, but automatically did not like them.


  1. I like the linwood ones, but I suppose go for the Zagg ones. But I hope you rethink the Linwood ones.

  2. I LOVE Zagg frist and Fitz second! But honestly, they all look really cute on you!

  3. p.s. what an awesome things.. to send 5 to you! I think I might do that!!