Friday, July 27, 2012


So I am dying here, this hair of mine, is outta control. It's gotton to the point where it does nothing & I LOVE my melt but I kinda feel like a change. So I need some of your opinions :)!

1. Bangs, I have wanted bangs for a long while but I have been to chicken. I think I would start out with some swoop bangs then maybe venture out to full bangs.

2. Blonde, at times I miss my luscious blonde locks, but then I remember then insane upkeep of them.

3. More of a blonde melt, this makes sense, I keep my lovely melt & get my blonde, without lots of upkeep.

4. Chop it off...let's be honest, I'd be CRAZY to do this, so I think this one may get vetoed out right away, but I could use a good 3 inches off.

5. Dark, I have been dark before and I LOVED it, it was so healthy for my hair.

What are your thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. Love my bangs! And I love Jessica Biels the best! I watched her on Jay Leno and was lovin it!