Friday, July 20, 2012

My mind as of today

- My best friend gets home in less than 4 months, 4 MONTHS people. I get so excited every time I think of this.

-I kinda have the best husband ever.

- This whole buying a house thing, is getting pretty old. We are SO ready to move and have our own space again (I really love you parents, I just like my own house). I try to just think of all the money we are saving rather than the whole month we still have to wait to move. Crosby on the other hand, never wants to leave his new backyard, I think he will cry when he realizes he won't be there everyday anymore.

- I fear that Instagram has taken over my addiction to Blogger & Facebook...All you have to do is post a photo and it will explain your whole day, my kinda social media for sure!

- The Dark Knight Rise's....amazing. Seeing it 6 hours BEFORE the midnight showing...amazing. Reminising of one of our first dates seeing The Dark Knight...amazing. Loved the movie & love that boy.

-That dress up there, I could wear every day, maxi dresses/skirts have taken over my closet. Yet somehow I still beg Ben for more.

-Weekend you took far too long to come, sleeping in is on my To Do list this weekend.

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  1. That dress is SO cute.. Im so excited to see Dark Knight