Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Ben and I have the worst luck...seriously the worst, and it has made this house buying process...hell to say the  least. From not getting the first house, to having push the date back a month, and many more bumps that came up. We were finally feeling like it was all okay, we were closing this week and we would be homeowners. How silly of us to think it would be that easy. We got the news last week that not only did we have to push the date back one week, we weren't even sure we were going to get the house now. We had to have an appraiser come in, well, he appraised it for A LOT less than what they were asking for. With everything selling in that area and the size of the house, this price was EXTREMELY low, like, we were all shocked at what he appraised it for.  So that leaves us either a) having the seller come down on the price (which really wouldn't happen) or b) walking away (and renting because lets be honest, we don't wanna go through this again). 
We decided to try out another appraiser in hopes that he appraises it for more, so now we just wait. I don't think I have gone 10 seconds with out worrying about it, I am a complete stress mess and I really would just like my house please. So all in all...don't buy a house, it's WAY to much stress that I promise you don't wanna go through. 


  1. That's such a bummer. I hope everything works out!

  2. Oh my goodness. Buying a house sucks! My husband and I were looking at houses for about 8 months before we finally got one. We were getting so desperate we were putting offers in on homes that were completely not right for us. When we were waiting to get the home we are in now, we had to push the date back several times. Horrible! I cried a lot haha. The day of closing we were told we werent going to get it. The bank hadn't gotten the papers done in time and the title company wouldn't wait for the bank any longer. We went into the whole "lets a buy a house!" thing totally optimistic and within a month we felt the complete opposite. Don't give up! The perfect house will come up when you least expect and you will be sooo happy you waited and that the other homes didn't work out :) It's a stressful process but so worth it!

  3. that sounds exhausting, I'm sorry court face.