Friday, March 27, 2009


I am starting to realize that time is flying by, i will be married in 40 days...but i know that will comeup fast! I have been waiting for that day for over 5 months, i am so glad its almost here. I wont lie i am nervous cause its something so new but i seriously cannot wait for it. I cannot wait to be Mrs. Courtney Campbell. :)
So this week has been kinda stressful with wedding stuff but i have somehow made it through, i love fridays.
Here are some updates on the wedding...
-My dress will be done next week..after they hemmed it too short they had to order new ones in and they ordered them in late so i went in on tuesday for my alteration appointment and they didnt even have it in, i was pissed i wont lie. But they called me wednesday saying they were in and that i could come in. So just maybe this time it will be right.
-I didnt know food would be so difficult, i mean i have to get EVERYTHING to serve the food haha if anyone knows where i can get cute serving trays please tell me.
-Invitations, well we have them all we just need to address them and make a insert for the temple and luncheon, but we are struggling with how we want that haha!
-I meet with the flower and cake lady on monday to go over things and make them final.. :) i cannt wait.
-I spent my thursday searching for vases with my mama and we couldnt find ones that we had already boughten so we decided to buy new ones. Then we went couch finding cause we dont have a couch, couchs suck to find. haha.
Life has been stressful but i try hard to just have fun, but its hard when mr grumpy pants wont be happy haha Ben has had a rough week and it sucks. I just want him to be happy happy like he usually is. I just cannot wait til May 7th :)

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