Sunday, March 22, 2009

44 days and counting...

44 days...
I cannot wait!
Life is going good here, except for the random snow storm coming our way! it was freaking 70 degrees yesterday this is just rediculous! But wedding plans are still coming we are currently putting our invites together and i already have 2 bridal showers and 2 bachorlorette parties :) I am excited! Due to dress situations i have to wait to get my bridals but i get my NEW dress on tuesday and hopefully they wont ruin this one.
We have been trying to figure out what to do for our honey moon we have no clue til his mama found this great little trip to cali for us..we can go to disney land and california adventure ALL we want and the beach and oh man i cant wait!
We will be spending our first night of our trip in vegas at one of our favorite hotels. We stayed here for my nephews baby blessing in January.

Then make our way down to the marriot in Anahiam, California. We will spend 4 days there and then make our way back home, to our lovely little apartment :)!
now just wait patiantly for 44 more days...

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  1. Oh! That sounds like a very fun honeymoon!! I really wish you guys had sometime to come visit us up here! Who knows though maybe we can meet up for dinner!! Love you!