Tuesday, March 31, 2009

signature please?

Last night and ben went and signed our contract for our little basement apartment. It comes along really well. They had painted and wput up all the baseboards and i LOVE it. She also put all the shelving in our closet and now the carpet and cabinets are left. I cannot wait to see it. The tile is sexy, i love it! We get black appliances which i am excited for too! wow its really ares its crazy. I have never moved away from my house, its going to be weird but i cannot wait.
We are in process of doing our invites and its getting to the point where we will be sending them out this week :) i am excited for people to see them cause i absolutly LOVE them. I have 2 bridal showers lined up, a friends party, and then a bachorlorette party. i am very excited for those! I went and met with my flower lady yesterday and i hope hope hope she will do a good job, i am pretty sure she will! so yea life is pretty crazy right now but only 36 more days..AH YAYAY! i cannot wait!

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  1. I feel like I was just at the stage you are at.. Its crazy how fast it goes!!!! enjoy it.. Im getting sad because mine is almost over! ha