Friday, March 20, 2009

late night...

well as of this moment i cant sleep so here i am...blogging. I spent my day working at the doctor, then playing with my benjamin :)! We dont do a whole lot lately but we just bought some movies that i love i wont lie. We bough nick and nora's infinante playlist which i loved and of course we got twilight at midnight tonight..secretly ben LOVES it :) hahabut i didnt say anything.

Yes.. we spend our nights watching movies..its something we both love even when i fall asleep and he gets mad at me haha!
I woke up today from a call from the place that was printing our invites...we designed it ourselves..well ben did cause he is amazing like that. We think he should start doing it for others and get money for it haha. He is amazing at that stuff. I would post it on here but i kinda want it to be a suprise to people haah but this will be the picture we are using. Ben doesnt like it so much but it is one of my favorites of them!

Count down is down to 47 days...ya dont worry i miscounted before haha my bishop corrected me on it, i felt retarded after that little episode i wont lie. But hey it just means its that much closer!! :)

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