Wednesday, March 18, 2009

im not a little shortie...

So as i said before last night was my last fitting for my i get there all excited and i put it on and everything fits PERFECTLY i LOVEd it...til i decided to walk out and see that it was a good 2-3 inches TOO short...i was pissed i wont lie. So now i must wait til next week for my dress to ship in then go get fitted...once again! but good thing i fit into a 2 better than a 4 so then i wont have to alter it so much. I secretly think that they just tell you to get a bigger size so they can have you pay more to get it altered...lameo people! haha but hey at least i dont have to pay for a whole new dress and waht not...thats a plus! but it does make for a great story about weddings...everything going wrong haha!

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  1. COURT!!! dresses are a nightmare... I went for my last fitting and had a huge oil spot on the hip!!!!!!!!!! yeah.. needless to say I was a mess. After: her trying to get it out, ruining the dress more, telling me to deal with it, then replacing part of my dress (which could have ruined it more)... my dress is perfect =)Hang in there.. you are having better luck than me in that area.