Saturday, April 4, 2009

a weekend off..

We have less than 5 weeks til we are married. I cannot wait. Right now we are just working on invites..which may have been stolen by our mailmen...but we are not sure haha. But its just down to the end food, pictures, and all sorts of random stuff that make up a wedding. We have spent most of our time doing invites while watching hockey, which is a sport i never really gotton into. and honestly i really like watching it. Its a very intense and fast paced sport and those are my kinda sports. I hate watching football cause its so slow, give me some action packed sorta game. I have learned that we like THe Oilers, but they kinda suck right now. seeing as ben just punched me with frustration from it haha, not really punched but i could tell he wanted to. haha!

I dont know how long i will handle him watching hockey all the time but as of right now, i will do anything for his company. haha.
Tonight was filled with funny funny situations. Ok only really one but I had a good night. Me, my mama, and Linda (bens mama) decided to do a little shopping while the boys were at priesthood. We got some really cute picture frames for our apartment and the wedding and they were all 50% off so that was a big plus. We then went to the mall to try and find Linda a dress for the wedding. She had found one she really liked at a store and she was talking to the sales lady and she said that Linda could get it 40% off, who doesnt want something great for 40% off ya know. But there was a catch, she had to be in their fashion show. So do not worry she was, and by far the best one there. I wish i could have gotton it on video but i didnt! So in the end she got a 65$ purchase.. for 38$ thats dang good. I have been searching for a dress for the luncheon and my mom keeps telling me to just use the one i got the other weekend from a vintage store but the neckline is TOO tight so its hard to sit in and everytihng so i wanna get it fixed. So i was going to use that til my wonderful amazing soon to be mother in law got me this freaking adorable dress. i lover it lots.

so life may be a lotta stress but i still love it and cannot wait to be married, i cannot believe how fast but yet how slow its coming. I am more than ready to be married to my best friend. I love him more than anyone could even know.


  1. k that dress is adorable. where is it from?!

  2. banana republic :) haha i absolutly LOVE it

  3. hahaha, the watching hockey won't stop.. you will just learn to go in the other room.