Wednesday, April 15, 2009

bridal shower

On saturday my friends threw me a joint bridal shower for and my friends Oriana and Caitlin. Oriana gets married 5 days before us and caitlin gets married 2 weeks after us. Of course we were the first to get engaged outta all of them :) haha! but it was really ffun. We played many games, one including the boys, we had to feel their legs and decide whose is whose...ya i lost and so did caitlin haha.

Those are the boys, yes mine is the sexiest :)

Me, Oriana and Caitlin with some of our gifts :)

Me, Janna, Caitlin, Alexa and ORiana

I also had a shower last thrusday for my ward and it was way fun.
We went on monday and saw our apartment. It now has carpet in it and is just waiting for the cabinets. I cannot wait to be down there and be married, its coming up faster now and wow i am so ready. I finally passed out all my invites now just random little things to do. I got my bridals done on monday and i LOVE them. I get them back this weekend and i cannot wait. I wanna post them so badly but i dont want ben to see them. So some close up random ones i might post but thats a maybe. My photographer is amazing and i have been very pleased with her work. but anyways only 22 more days :).

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