Friday, April 10, 2009

not the best of weeks

Last night I had my ward bridal shower and it was so much fun. Realy weird cause I still feel so little and this shower was just for me, and sometimes I feel awkward being the center of attention. ha ha. But I had alot of fun, the ladies who put it together did a fantastic job and we got some pretty great presents. :)
The wedding is still 26 days away but its coming up pretty fast, I am so excited. I get my bridals done on monday but I cant post them cause benjamin will look ha ha! but I am excited for those. We had a little mishap with the invites and kinda put them in mail boxes and we were never told we couldnt haha so dont worry we have only had 2 sent back to us so far.
Well this week has been pretty sucky on my part I was sitting down on monday and got super super sick, with the flu. I thought I was going to die, I didnt sleep at all and stayed home tuesday and wednesday and I gave it to Ben. I dont think he was too happy about that. But luckily my sister had it too so we could cope together haha. So I spend my days in my mamas bed watching one tree hill and the OC, the most addicting shows that I love. But to make me feel better ben bought me this super cute dress that I could wear for my shower and he has great taste in clothes I wont lie :)

I love him..only 26 more days :)

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