Monday, April 20, 2009

lovey love

so this weekend me and ben spent about 90% of it laying down, watching hockey and movies. Ha ha. we both had surgery on friday, he had his wisdom teeth out and i had a hymenectomy or something like that. he was of course in more pain than i was so i was there for his every need, even the drowling part. it was good to be able to just relax though. we get married in 18 days so as of right now i dont do alot of that relaxing stuff. Life is getting busier and busier! but its coming up very close and i cannot wait. we get to move into our place on the 1 and so i will post pictures then! i love it there.
i got my bridals back today and so badly i wanna post them but i am holding strong so ben doesnt see ALL of me in them haha! but i wanna show some cause i absolutely LOVE them. my photographer did an amazing job and i am so happy with every picture she has taken!

thats all for now :)

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