Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My Valentine :)

Seeing as we just went to Hawaii we kept our Valentines day down to a minimum. On Saturday Ben let me go out with my mama and sister Whitney to see...

I LOVED it, I honestly could watch it all day, everyday.
We had told each other we weren't going to get anything just go out to dinner and see a movie or something like that.  When I got home from Dear John he has gotton me The Time Travelers Wife and candy. It was the cutest thing ever, he had cleaned the whole apartment and set it up all cute. I have by far the greatest husband in the whole entire world.
So we then went to dinner and came home and watched our new movie.
Which I LOVED also.

Now for another week of work, good thing it has already gone by fast.
I guess the olympics on everynight can do that.
Yes, we are obsessed.

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  1. I love love love that movie.. sounds like you had a great V day.