Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What we have been up to lately...

Painting! This is happy news because our house is finally starting to feel like us!! It has been quite the project because not only do we need paint the walls, but we have to paint our ceilings as well. The owners before us decided to paint every wall/ceiling in our house, tan. You would think ceilings wouldn't be to bad, until they are extremely vaulted and weird shaped. We started with a lighter gray in our bedroom and a mint in our main bath. Up next, probably the kitchen, dinning, living and stair well. Wish us luck!

Movies, we have had endless amounts of movie passes and gift cards so we have been putting them to good use. I used to not love going to movies, now it is one of my favorite dates with Ben. Lately we have seen: Zero Dark Thirty (Everyone needs to see this), Warm Bodies, Silver Linings Playbook (our new favorite), Safe Haven, Argo & Django Unchained. And we can't wait to see: Side Effects, Oz, The Great Gatsby (So excited for this one), Iron Man 3 & Now You See Me.

Planning, we leave for our cruise is less than a week. We will be cruising to The Bahamas for 5 fabulous days with our best friends! It finally hit me when we got our passports in the mail the other day, we are beyond in need of a little vacation.

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